Saturday, October 25, 2008

Giant Clams in Camiguin

Way back in Philippines that's when I started snorkeling in Camiguin Cantaan White beach. Where you can find Giant Clams, it's only 22 km from Mambajao. We rented a motorbike to tour half of the Island and went to the said beach. Wow very Peaceful place and prestine, payment for entrance foreigners have different entrance fee. Before we start our activity we headed first at the breeding center and the education facility with an exhibition. And rented snorkeling ang goggles. From the beach you see the marked sanctuary which is actually the nursery.

It was fun experienced to observed the movements of the clamps which is bit scary. It was my second time snorkeling there, I'm sure if you try it you will be pleased of what you will see. It's worth going there even if it's bumpy road going to Cantaan, but once when you arrive there it's paradise!. I enjoyed it a lot, I'm planning to go back there again next year.

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