Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Water sport for peasure

Are you curious try new sport? Stand up Paddle Boarding is water sport developed and originated in Hawaii. For those who are not familiar with the sport, a combination of paddling a canoe and surfing. wide longer board provide stability and floatation. Paddle boarding is not just a serious core workout, it also works all your main muscle groups. Physical benefits working your core are Power, Agility, Long-term weight loss, Perfect posture. Paddle boarding is not just a serious core workout, it also works all your main muscle groups. The greatest benefit of paddle boarding? You spend more time on the water than in normal surfing. And because it’s a simple workout that combines the fun of surfing with some serious muscle manoeuvres, you’ll see results fast.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Giant Clams in Camiguin

Way back in Philippines that's when I started snorkeling in Camiguin Cantaan White beach. Where you can find Giant Clams, it's only 22 km from Mambajao. We rented a motorbike to tour half of the Island and went to the said beach. Wow very Peaceful place and prestine, payment for entrance foreigners have different entrance fee. Before we start our activity we headed first at the breeding center and the education facility with an exhibition. And rented snorkeling ang goggles. From the beach you see the marked sanctuary which is actually the nursery.

It was fun experienced to observed the movements of the clamps which is bit scary. It was my second time snorkeling there, I'm sure if you try it you will be pleased of what you will see. It's worth going there even if it's bumpy road going to Cantaan, but once when you arrive there it's paradise!. I enjoyed it a lot, I'm planning to go back there again next year.

Monday, October 20, 2008

How to catch fish

I admit it, at first I don't like fishing which i find it boring. But suddenly I thought it's fun, like when i watched t.v a teen age girl catched a big big fish. And I realized wow it's really rewarding if you catch fish specially huge one. For the beginners like me if you like try fishing here the essential item for fishing. 1.) A fishing rod and reel. You can get this already put together and strung with line at a department store, sporting goods department or at the bait and tackle shop.2.) A lure/ bait such as fishing worms, we buy at wallmart it's very cheap there. 3.) You will need a bobber or float if using worms. You will also need a bucket which you can fill with water at the lake, pond or river you plan to go fishing at. This is to keep your fish in once caught. If you think you may catch something pretty big you will want a stringer instead to string the fish on.4.) You will want to dress comfortably in clothes not easily snagged by hooks.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Wind Suring is Fun

It's nice watching people playing waves on the water, like the wind surfing. A lot of wind surfers here in Maui because of the wind pick up, it's very entertaining watching then playing big waves and starting surfing. It looks like very dangerous like for me I don't do that kind of stuff, but I'm open of challenges that someday I can do that or should I say before I die. Considered the greatest spot for windsurfing in the world, it is definitely the epicenter of the sport in Maui. Nowhere else will you get rollicking waves mixed with perfect offshore winds. If you are interetsted or planning vacation here in maui there are sites for windsurfing rentals: Maui pro center, Maui Van's, Maui wind surf, Alternate Hwaii, Kanahakai.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My favorite "Opakapaka fish"

When I first arrived here in Maui my husband brought me one of the restaurant in Kihei " Da Kitchen". Because I'm a fish lover I tried the Opakapaka fish or pink snapper. It's very tasteful and I like on how they baked it. It is a seasonal fish bottom and there is a special method to catch opakapaka fish. I can't wait to catch opakapaka. I know it is sounds ambitious but who knows I can catch one.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Last frontier facing the Pacific Ocean

Are you ready for Island Hopping? If you're ready to get wet, this island promises you to get wild over water. Who would believe that one of the world's most admired surfing spot is part of our 7,107 island? yes and that is SIARGAO ISLAND. We went there last September 2007 we flew from Cebu direct to Siargao Island,If by land whew it takes long time to get there!. That was surfing season, actually starts August to March. But you might be lucky and catch a good wave at any time of the year. In october, an International Surfing contest is held at cloud 9 with world class participnats. Discover Siargao and check the waves.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Our Toy Catamaran

This picture taken Last July 2008 in Kauai, it is all fiber glass that's why husband in love with it. We went to Kauai bought this sailboat and shipped it to Maui. Right now they're still working on it at the harbor the painting and stuff. After the painting someone will do the rigging our neighbor will do that which his very experienced. Hopefully it will be ready on December I'm getting excited go sailing and catching big!big!fish!. I'll post some pictures if they're done painting it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Top Dive Spots in Hawaii

The island of kauai one of my favorite island of Hawaii very pristine. Offers a very unique diving experience unlike any other. This island very small and remote. Because of its remoteness it includes some of the healthiest coral reefs in the state. Here you can enjoy a dive with octopus, reef sharks, and many different types of fish. Kauai Aquatic Scuba This dive is only available during the months of April-October. because of rough waves and strong currents and whale mating season.

Maui-Dive Companies: Scuba Shack Maui, Maui
dreams Dive, Ed Robinsons,Turtle reef divers, Dive Maui Lahaina, Shaka Divers. Molokini Crater in Maui great dive spot is on Maui. This crater is an extinct volcano it takes 30 minutes by boat. World famous diving spot around the world.

Rainbow Reef dives spot in oahu are known, just outside of waikiki is rainbow reef. There is also a shipwreck close is a favorite of many divers. Guide to Oahu dive sites.
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Fish rock another awesome diving spot. Its volcanic cone that reaches depths of 75 feet and provide great learning experience with all the fish and the rock formation.
First and Second Cathedrals two spots another popular in Lanai made up of old lava tubes where many fish and crustaceans hide. Lanai Dive companies: Trilogy Lanai, Extended Horizons, Ed Robinson's Adventures.

Friday, October 3, 2008

By air or by Sea?

I took a Super ferry once from Oahu to Maui. A big Catamaran ship 350 feet by 80 feet, operating daily between Oahu and Maui . I had a sea sickness at that time because of the strong current. I think it is better morning much calmer than afternoon. Personally I really like the ship very clean, spacious. And benefits for those big people the most, you can take your car that way it is more convenient. Travel time big difference half an hour by air, and three hours by sea. For schedules and fares and to make reservation go to